Friday, April 08, 2011

innocent drinks and such


With my recent unfortunate teeth troubles I have been gulping down quite a lot of fruit smoothies and of course especially my favourite brand Innocent. When I once upon a time discovered that my local supermarket sold Innocent cartons with my two favourite flavours, mango and passionfruit, and strawberry bananas, I was very happy indeed.

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Sadly they have recently discontinued offering them though. The same goes for the great Swedish brand Brämhults, who also offers great freshly squeezed fruit juices and rather nice smoothies. (And the Brämhults communication dept is really friendly on Twitter too.)

Instead they only seem to sell Chiquita fruit drinks, which for many reasons is not something I like. At all. Yes, one could definitely use one's consumer power and complain about this, but until I do, I shop for Innocent elsewhere.

any place that has a vast selection of innocent smoothies is a good place

So needless to say I was borderline ecstatic when I discovered that the nearby where-I-spend-my-weekdays-these-days supermarket (the supermarkets of supermarkets, one could easily get lost in there) sold several Innocent flavours, that I could have for lunch.

The first new-for-me-flavour I tried was the apple, kiwi, lime one. A lovely colour, but a flavour that didn't appeal to me at all, too harsh and sourish for my taste-buds. I blame the lime (which is about all lime is good for, blame). I spotted a blueberry, pomegranate, acai tucked in the fridge too, I'll try that next time instead.

Ever since I first spotted Innocent beverages (years ago, on one of those great UK-holidays) I've been quite smitten by not only their wonderful products, but their style and writing, humour, company ethics and overall attitude. Seems like a great place to work. At least the UK headquarters. The Swedish affiliate doesn't seem too interested in acknowledging/interacting with people expressing interest in working with them (should the opportunity rise)... Just sayin'.

But, the smoothies in general still rock, big time.



Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I love them too and have the cookbook or should I say smoothie book. It is fab. I have had quite a few out of it :)

Pia K said...

oh i have the smoothie book too! thanks for reminding me, it was ages since i looked in it! :)

Fruit Master said...

Hej Pia

Jättekul att du gillar våra produkter. Såg att du vill arbeta för oss? Vi har en väldigt liten organisation i Sverige, så det är svårt att ta in fler anställda, men jag tänkte ändå kolla läget. Är det något speciellt du skulle vilja göra? Maila mig gärna på

Vänliga hälsnignar

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