Saturday, April 23, 2011

violet easter walking

Oh I could see us travelling around the world in style with these, says Rodney excitingly to Scarlet

Let me introduce you a tad further to the shoes, only fit for kind Easter witches, that one lucky bunny as in undersigned saw herself get the other day. As mirthlessly mentioned most of the days past week, many things are not at all good in the life of mine at the moment, so I'm really aiming at squeezing the most fun and good out of this glorious long weekend called Easter. And pretty (and comfortable) shoes is something I can get really very merry about.


So, behold the purple-violet prettiness, that goes by a fancy name; El Naturalista Dome Mihumo Desert Violeta-Lila.

Purple is actually one of my least favourite colours - the last endeavour and all that - but this two-toned beauty, needless to say, was hard to resist.

Slightly higher heels than I prefer in general - I can't see myself walking for long days or many miles in them - but despite that they're really comfortable due to the shock-absorbing features. As is probably pretty obvious by now, I love my Mary Janes (and my Oxfords) always, the way the back comes up over the ankle/heel is very pleasing, the chunky rubber heel and outsoles adds an extra dimension and really, the applegreen seams around the outsoles... cuteness.

It was a perfect day for inauguration today, Easter Eve, lots of generous sun, with a nice outing, a fabulastic breakfast at a favourite café (which is called Aunty Violet in English), some flowers with equal fabulastic qualities purchased. And yes, I got compliments from a stranger on the Violeta-Lilas on my feet. It was a good day. I'm in the Easter process of gathering these for the rainy days to come.



Kea said...

The shoes are adorable, just perfect for Easter weekend! And I love your stockings/hose!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Elephant's Child said...

Not surprised that you got complimented on those beauties. Which is also a compliment on your taste. A double.

Anonymous said...

I love these shoes!

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