Saturday, April 09, 2011

the beauty of a furry flabby tummy


Every little part of a cat is a thing of exquisite beauty and one of my favourite parts is that little potbelly some of them have. In Swedish some call them "tigermage"/"tiger belly" and it's supposedly the cat's equivalent of a camel's hump, reserve stock for a non-rainy day. I have had otherwise slender cats with this flabby part as well as more chubby ones, so it really has nothing to do with corpulence. Some have  it, others don't.

It's such an endearing, cuddly little part I think. When it comes to cats. I can't see myself being as completely charmed by a human potbelly anytime soon. When it comes to humans I will only be charmed by personality, not the having or not having of a flabby tummy.


My favourite flabby tummy belongs to one very, very special dotty one. Inspector of many things. Like the bobbaloos, she always makes me go "awww" on the dreariest of days and times.


Do you have a favourite furry flabby tummy of your own?


Kea said...

I like that part too. My Nicki has a flabby belly, and he's lean and muscular, very active. Derry, who is less active and who has a more compact, chunkier body, also has one. "Angel" Annie, as lean as she was, did too until she lost so much weight.

I won't mention my own flab, though. ;-)

The Elephant's Child said...

Our vet calls them 'fat pads' in a very disparaging tone - nonetheless I am with you. I love them, and of course, the cats they are attached to.

Monaco said...

cute post and pictures. The cat is so adorable...

Pia K said...

haha, well neither will i about my own (or others), kea, i'm glad there are personalities to be charmed by instead;)

ah, elephant's child, it never seize to amaze me how little vets seemingly know about the anatomy, breeds, functions in animals, how everything that doesn't fit into the "standard" is disparagingly called fat or anomalies... glad we know better:)

thank you, monaco!

PurestGreen said...

I very much love the bottom photo. All squished up into a ball. I miss having a cat. Someday we will have a cat again. One with an extra squishy tummy.

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