Sunday, April 24, 2011

welcome knut, rodney, scarlet and chubs


They have all already played different parts in blog, it's about high time they got a proper introduction like the other bobbaloos. So, time to proudly present the foursome - they've already been up to all sorts of exciting adventures, really, there's no telling what whims and fancies these li'l fellas get! But more of that later, now only a presentation;


Knut, a snappy jacabunny in a petrol blue smart suit. Kit told me "he enjoys lounging in the soft glow of a computer monitor after a long day in the garden, has cravings for tea and crumpets, and adores squidgee squeezles."

Since he couldn't/shouldn't travel alone he was soon accompanied by a wee fella (made up from my notions on which kind of bob I'd like, as I felt it was pretty my impossible to chose just one in particular...) called Rodney. According to Kit he was a "congenial and socially gregarious ursabob who enjoys crispy winter mornings with the squeak of snow under his feet, steamy hot tea with a side of biscotti and jam, and squidgee squeezles. But also an unruly sort, given to fiddling with his food rather than breakfast eating. Terrible at chores and teases the others." - but really, from the moment he arrived here he has been only bouncy cuteness.


And it was soon obvious that he has a major sweet tooth.


Scarlet simply happened to appear in shop before the guys had left Minnesota for Sweden and who can resist anyone in red? Like Knut she enjoys the soft glow of a computer monitor and cuddles, but her favourite food is chocolate and raspberries (my kind of gal!).

scarlet, rodney, knut and the easter bunny

The three of them arrived on April 11, the same day as the Easter bunny made an early appearance.

knut, rodney and scarlet meets the furry knut

They had a quick browse around the garden, catched some fresh Swedish air after a long trip, said a quick hallo to the red, furry Knut and then went to be in their magical sleeping pouches (which had already been prepared for them).


As is obvious, their behinds are one
majorly cute feature of them bobbaloos...

chubs in raspberry

A few days later I saw this precious raspberry red coloured one on Flickr, who also loved chocolate and raspberries, but she was sadly snatched before I made it over to Etsy. Some beings does make a lasting impression and I was more than a tad sad I had missed her (yes, that much of a deal is the appeal of the bobbaloos). Cherub, Chubs was not to be mine.

Or so I thought. Because last week, on one of those not so good day, a package arrived in my letter box, from an anonymous blog stalker aka the Easter bunny and wrapped in that box was Chubs! It was a touching moment and she really was even more sweet irl with that large head (which, as someone said, clearly makes her one exceptionally clever bunny) and her beautiful red hue. What a wonderful, fantastic, precious gift from some very kind unknown. Thank you. Again.

chubs and malte

She had a bit of fresh air and caught some rays of sun, sniffed a quick hallo to loaf dog and then joined the others in their basket. I do believe especially Rodney was quite taken with her. Although when she saw the others and the size of their heads she has been a bit worried about the size of her own. As luck would have it, a few days later a little panda made his way here and talking to him made her realise that size of head (or any other body part) doesn't matter, what matters only is the size of a kind heart. And that, that is even bigger than her head. Heart.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the introduction to all your little friends . They certainly are a precious horde!?! Do they come in hordes?.. gatherings?... or embraces ? Such fun!

Elephant's Child said...

V. cute. Love the panda too.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Just brilliant Pia! They are so cute!

pärlbesatt said...

Man kan minst sagt säga att du har en ny vurm. Och du är nog t o m vurmigare än jag är. Kul att se. :) Och de är söta!

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