Friday, April 29, 2011

happy weekending ~


Swoosh it said, and April was over! I had such high hopes for that month, sadly too many low points to make it a good memory in the Pia-memoires me thinks though.

Not that I'm planning to write my memoires any time soon, if ever. Other things yes, memoires no. Both last week and this past week have been emotional rollercoasters, mostly adorned by bolster brain (thus my main plan for this weekend is to get rid of that part). Today didn't begin well, it was an oh-I-want-to-stay-in-bed-nurturing/starving-the-cold-kind-of-day. But it turned out alright, I dressed the opposite of how I felt - like a summer meadow - and everything was reasonably okay. Never underestimate the power of colours.

shoe per diem april 19, 2011 - like summer meadows

I then received some weird and unexpected invitations, may or may not accept, read some interesting articles, had some great brainstorming with me alone - I do love my brain, actually I do, it may be an overanalyzing one, but it does do great jobs from time to time and when it really gets enthusiastic, it feels like there's no way stopping it.

One of (many) my favourite tunes when a teenager was Billy Ocean's "When the going gets tough" - the 80ies, the decade with the most amazing range of music there still is teamed up with the most horrific of fashion and hairdos - it strikes a chord still.

Like yesterday's middle aged men on a bench capture, I treasure moments when my brain's on pure natural high-speed. I want to channel all this passion into something good, something gainful, it really is about high darn time.

Yes, weeks of ups and downs - as have been quite visible in blog too, right now I find it difficult to get back on that informative "let me tell you about that place that"-track, most days I just feel like tiptapping down my random thoughts to blog from one possibly slightly overheated brain. I have never considered this blog to be an everyday diary web log, lately it has just become sort of a such. Random thoughts, flittering mind. Serendipity.

I expect next week, the first of May's, will be filled of good stuff and yes, its (not) fair amount of crap too. If I would play a guessing game with me and my brain alone I'd say, Monday - good, Tuesday - bad and good, Wednesday - hm, Thursday - bad, Friday - all good. It will be interesting indeed to see what it will bring.

But first, a glorious weekend, one which I will spend breath in-breath out, relaxing, relaxing and relaxing some more. Assembling perky mushrooms, cheering for the lilacs hedge, pottering in garden and drinking copious amounts of tea. Sounds like bliss. And so is this, "Suddenly", once again, Billy Ocean.

shoe per diem april 19, 2011 - with dog per diem

~ Happy caring weekending, 

the last of April, 

the first of May!


julochka said...

you are definitely writing something else. i got loads of fodder for it today...

but then i got my bitty jacabobs and the beautiful brooch from lisa and all was right with the world. it helped that it was sunshiney. that always helps.

and blogging is about random, so don't apologize. just get it out, it's cheaper than therapy.

here's to may. things can only get better!

happy weekend!

The Elephant's Child said...

Playing in the garden, letting the mind run free, enjoying the presence of dogs and cats and bobbaloos. Sounds pretty good. Have a great one ...

DahnStarr said...

Shall we make bets on your first work week of May, 2011? (I'm in Nevada ya know, we do that kind of stuff here.)

pärlbesatt said...

Kan inte läsa idag, har inte huvud nog till det, men ville säga att jag såg några i mina ögon intressanta platsannonser i DN. :) För dig alltså.

pärlbesatt said...

Kolla in den virkade hatten i slutet på inlägget!! Den fick mig att tänka på dig så mycket. (Eller den fick mig sååå att tänka på dig, som min yngsta skulle uttrycka det, svengelskt.)

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