Friday, April 22, 2011

maundy thursday musings


Unlike the previous days this week I think I can safely say that today has been an all good day. And oh my, was I in badly need of one... Some of its happy content as follows;

:: I am so touched my the lovely, thoughtful and sweet comments left in yesterday's post, it was truly a crappy day and kind, caring comments more than ever much, much appreciated.
T h a n k   y o u.

:: Another day with glorious sun (yesterday there was none), today the temperatures reached at least +20 degrees C. The issue one might have with spring these past few years is that it has been far too short, hallo, goodbye, here is summer already. And I, personally, would appreciate to be able to wear some spring appropriate clothes and socks before that. Just sayin'.

:: I've spotted a few lovely spring manifestos here and there in the blogosphere and I'm thinking I should make my own too. Perhaps this weekend will be the perfect time for it. Until I jot it down though, I have one thing that I'm having on constant mental repeat - wear new socks every day.

Because really, I most always seem to pick up lovely socks on sales and yes, elsewhere too, but I tend to use only a few pairs, wear, wash, dry, wear, wash, dry until they're full of holes and it's time to say goodbye. Many socks remain unworn and with their potentials still unused. So now, new socks or at least change socks every day (when/if I enter the world outside my own door).

Perky shoes and great socks, that is my motto for this spring (and autumn to follow in a future far far away). Yes, I get all giddy at the thought of the endless colour combinations here...

a day with socks like this must be a good day

Today was the spring version of the wicked witch of the east. It was a fine, perky pair indeed. And the perfect day for inauguration.

:: Hairdresser's day - it was lovely to be pampered and chit-chat about the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. Plus getting a fab wee makeover as usual.

shoe per diem april 21, 2011 - hairdresser and ms piggy

There was a fine kind of shoe per diem moment and a little piggy moved to her new home, she'll be joining little heart bunny and they'll have a perky tea-party kind of life together forever and ever.

:: Nice lunch on the town, ran a few errands, picked up a few things. Which may or may not include a snazzy pair of shoes. As the Brocken is calling it called for new shoes. Since obviously, all kind, just a little bit naughty, witches like to show off their fab shoes at such gatherings.

:: M was back from his long business trip to China. He clearly have picked up a few hints on what to buy or not over the years. Really didn't need most of the stuff, but I was spoilt, it was nice to be treated to a bit of sweet things.

I will now try and be really, very good in relaxing my mind, body and soul over these wonderful all free Easter days. There will be the planting of pansies, the knitting of tulip sweater - no I haven't found the pattern, I will try and freestyling it - the finishing of this and that other projects in yarn, a very exciting drawing of psychedelic mushroom winners, tea and cake at favourite place, writing and thinking - good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts - a couple of unpretentious birthday celebrations, some painting of ol' furniture - it has been a long, sadly paint-free winter - and just lazy days of glory with things I love to do. In zingy shoes. And, oh I declare, in fab socks.

shoe per diem II april 21, 2011 - purple catch of the day

Have a wonderful Easter weekend,
spent in any way you love ~


Kea said...

Those wonderful socks would perk anyone up! I suddenly feel the need to buy new socks, not just the plain black, navy, brown and white that I have, but some that are fun and funky!

I hope you have a glorious Easter weekend, Pia. For myself, I'm just glad to have three days' holiday (the university is open on Monday, unlike government offices). I feel like I "should" be productive and work on house projects (painting and cleaning), but perhaps I'll snuggle up with a good book and a cup of tea instead. LOL.

The Elephant's Child said...

Smiling broadly. Love the socks. Love even more that you had a good day. Enjoy your weekend.

Angella said...

So glad to hear you had a great day. And the purple shoes are KILLER! Have a happy and blessed Easter. :)

Felis said...

The little piggy is girl with very sweet skirt, lovely. Where is the donkey (or sheep - like others say)?
Purple shoes are simply awesome. I was surprised from your position for e-cards, but I respect. So I will wish you here Happy Easter!

Becky said...

So glad you had a better day today! Love love love the purple shoes! I hope your Easter is wonderful!

Poppy Q said...

I love whitchy socks and tights too. Miss Pia your purple shoes are just lovely - I couldn't wear heels like that but am jealous anyways.

Have a lovely Easter. It is 20 degrees C here too, although heavy autumn rain and cooler weather is forecast. I am lucky to have a ten day break - yippee!!

Julie and Poppy Q

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