Monday, April 11, 2011

bamboo frond earrings


With a long long winter, wearing caps, hats, woolly shawls and scarves there haven't been much room for wearing fancy earrings. But these past years, when spring arrives, it really arrives fast, like saying high and goodbye within almost a blink of the eye, welcome summer. So I'm thinking I should make a real effort to put on my two lovely tweed hats before summer arrives, the quirky one and the perky one.

But, hats isn't what this post is about, but the fact that my latest earrings-investment are a pair of gorgeous bamboo-silver ones that are truly a work of art. And the fact that I can now actually wear them, without having to take the cap-woolly-shawl-predicament into consideration while choosing earrings du jour. Yes, it really is about those small victories and glimpses of goodness in life...

I've had these frond beauties saved as favourites on Etsy for a long time. And now I own a pair, a fact of which I'm most pleased indeed. I also have to say that the customer care of Anna (proprietor of the Lila Ruby King shop) has been excellent. Because sadly one of the earrings arrived in pieces, I immediately told her about it and she promptly sent me a new pair. No hassle, just pure, caring, much appreciated, customer service.

I've also had issues with these types of earrings, with the metal wire easily being pushed out of ear hole when wearing, so I prefer having plastic plugs or silver backs to secure them. I asked for that and she kindly sent a pair of those too. The earrings are truly gorgeous, fits perfectly and dangle in a very appealing way.


The bamboo frond earrings are made of renewable wood resource and part recycled silver. The designer  also has a shop with lovely paper goods and printed things, as well as other cute wearables called Anna Ruby King - and a beautiful website as well as a blog. Certainly multi-talented and I really like the statement hers, that working towards becoming a carbon neutral business she's offsetting one tonne of greenhouse gas. Many fabulous things to lust for in her shop/s - do go have a browse ~


Kea said...

Those are fabulous! I *love* funky earrings and that pair definitely is unique.

Miss Musique said...

Hi Pia,
I started following your blog not too long are such an inspirational person! So glad I found you :)
Check out my blog (Miss Musique) if you want, I'd love to hear what you think.

The Elephant's Child said...

I have a passion for earrings and am ashamed to admit that I have several hundred pairs. My only defence is that I don't buy them. When I am not wearing them, they are an artwork. I stretch lace over an embroidery hoop, hook the pairs of earrings on to it, and hang them on the walls. Attractive and functional (I can always find the pairs).

Miss Allie said...

Those are beautiful! I may have to order a pair soon. I too have an earring addiction, but I have nothing like this. What a find!

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