Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend 2011


Weatherwise it has been a truly blessed Easter weekend. And overall a pretty lovely one - if I don't count the annoying fact that today I woke up with a painfully sore throat that has only gotten worse during the day. Darn. That. Ever so much. - here are a few highlights from it (apart from a violet pair of shoes) ~


There have been Easter eggs, there has been Swedish vegetarian suitable candy.


There have been quite a few hours spent clearing the garden, one of my clematis is really very large, beautiful white gorgeousness when in bloom, nastiness when having to be cleared next spring. There were two little helpers, Panda and Chubs, obviously they made a great job! *or not, they simply made encouraging sounds while I worked hard*

There has also been the planting of a very large amount of pansies in window boxes and pots. *so far without photo proof* And the discovery of a most promising amount of lilacs sprouts. Any day, any week now, sun permitted...

april 23, 2011 - breakfast at aunty violet

There was a wonderful Easter Eve breakfast at one favourite café, Tant Gredelin - where Kismet and Plumlord tagged along and had a blast with a huge berry pie.


There was strolling of park, also with Kismet and Plumlord - who were sad to see the tulips already out of bloom, but cheerful when I told them our own in garden haven't even begun to bloom yet.


There have been great food at home and great food outdoors. There has been a first day of not wearing any socks at all. And there have been glittering waters.

on the road with chubs and leonard

There has been the first toy car outing of this season (oh it was glorious) and came along did Chubs and Leonard.


There has been the crocheting of some more perky mushrooms - and yes there has been the drawing of the giveaway. Winners finally to be announced later this week - and there was the spring shave of little loaf. There's now a brand new dog in da house. More of later.


And there might have been more candy. Possibly. Maybe.

I hope your Easter weekend has been a fine energy-boosting one!


pärlbesatt said...

Vilken underbar bild på småkompisarna som reser!! :)

Elephant's Child said...

What an encouraging mix. I do like the bobbaloo behinds - so expressive. And the flowers. And the food.
Hope your sore throat is very, very temporary.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Love the car shot and absolutely love swedish fish! I adore jelly sweeties, but it is hard to get them here, so when I go to Ikea I stock up on Swedish Fish.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing!! The flowers are gorgeous!

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