Sunday, April 10, 2011

perky mushroom giveaway


Given it's most probably springtime for real, the blog-of-note-thing, I can't be the only one who needs a proverbial perk-me-up injection, etc etc and so forth, I'm thinking it would be nice to have another little giveaway here in blog. This time there will be three perky magic mushrooms (the kind and healthy kind only) amigurumi-style in the pot.

Definitely not necessary these three pre-assembling ones shown in photo above. I have many other colour combos up my yarn sleeve (purple, violet, turquoise, yellow, blue, red, other green and pink hues...).

What I can say is that it'll be a psychedelic mushroom in three colours, the winners will be able to chose if they want their own mushroom as is or as a keychain-mascot and quite possibly, if I'm in a good mood, mention their favourite perky colour and I'll take that in consideration when I create the mushroom.

This is what the little mushrooms will look like finished - the original one

Leave a comment here in this very giveaway-post and tell how you find your way to this blog and what has kept you returning. Last day of entry will be next Sunday April 17, midnight CET. Everyone who has left such a comment will be a part of the drawing. Needless to say there will be eager little bobbaloos helping with the drawing. Winners will then be announced before Easter and, if all goes well, the perky psychedelic mushrooms will be sent to their new homes the following week.



Julianna said...

Hi, Pia! I found you through the Blogs of Note, and stayed because a.) you are delightful, as are the bobbaloos and their antics, your shoes, your kitties and your pictures, and, b.) I find your musings on Sweden irresistible (See, I'm kinda sorta in a Swedish "band" via Internet collaborations, and those guys are the bees knees. It's nice to get a girl's account of Sweden), and c.) I have my own crafty blog thing happening (The Curious Pebble Project) and your work and posts go right along with my aesthetic. It's been lovely to read your musings, and nice to "meet" you. It's weird how simply reading someone's blog on a near daily basis can make you feel as if you've made a new friend. Have a lovely day! :)

Miss Allie said...

I found you one day while browsing Blogs of Note. I have continued to come back because you're posts always make me want to come back the next day to see what you have to say. I also love looking at the craft projects you put up. Being that I'm not the most crafty person myself, I do love to see what people who are can do with that talent. You my dear are very talented. You put a smile on my face even on the worst of days.

Have a wonderful day!

DahnStarr said...

A few months ago I made my first Jacabunny and Jacabob adoption through KitLane. I'm a bit late in the game of collecting babbaloos...or, do they collect us? Anyway, I went in search of others who had acquired my same addiction. I wanted to find a support group, one that would tell me it's okay to have nine little bits of fluff and still desire more. (Three have since moved on to other homes.) Through that I found your flickr photos and then your blog. I was hooked. Shoes, Food, Babbaloos, Cats, Socks, Flowers and insight into someones life in what my family called the "mother land". Whats not to love? My Grandfather was a Minnesota Swede who didn't speak it or teach it to his children. In his words, "I'm not Swedish, I'm an American." Simple and to the point. Living in the middle of Nevada, I'm blessed to be able to stalk your site and live a bit of your life in a place that I may never see in person. Very cool, plus I love your shoes!

Becky said...


I found you through blogs of note. I keep coming back because you are just one fun kook. I could see us being best friends but probably fighting often over the vegetarian thing. You trying to convert me, me not willing to give up pepperoni. You seem to be just the kind of odd duck that rounds out a persons friendships. You seem to be the one who would pull a group of friends into very fanciful adventures.

Keep up the imagination!

pärlbesatt said...

Nä, du har ju scilla, vad avis jag blir!! Och glad också, iofs.

The Elephant's Child said...

Like almost everyone else I found you through the blogs of note. Your love for things Moomin which I share (BIGTIME) kept me coming back - despite the very real jealousy I had/have over the moomin pillowcases. Love your animals, love your crafts.

viridiana said...

Hello Pia!
I found this blog googling for reviews of El Naturalista's Yggdrasil clogs (I landed on yours skyblue lovelies)

I keep returning because I find this blog... well, mood lifting: it's full of colors and pretty creatures and beautiful craft projects :)

mangocheeks said...

Although I am not creative with crafts, I do love your blog purely for its creativity and it really makes me smile - cheers me up in fact, hence the reason I return to be inspired. I also think your rather quirky in a good way :)

Esme said...

I am sure that I am way to late given I am in California and it is 8 pm here-I found you through A week bit of Cooking-I will be back-as an attorney I love that you are an EX-attorney.

Have a lovely day.

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