Thursday, April 14, 2011

the curious incident with the cat in the daytime


Are you ready for a gruesome tale, involving a big red menace and three little brave bobbaloos? With a fortunate and happy ending, no need to fear otherwise. Once upon a time there were three wee wool guys on a garden inspecting mission when suddenly...


~ okey guys, how should we approach this looming cat issue?


~ just stand still, stand very very still


~ stand still, stand stiff and all will be well


~ oh noes, he's sniffing me...


~ the brave are a falling,
Buddernut stand still, be strong!


~ just lie still, very still, kismet, and all will be well


~ oh no, I think I may have wet my birthday suit


~ phew, it was an ordeal, i survived,
leonard, just stay still and everything will be alright


~ oh noes, big red menace's
using his big paw claws on little leonard!


~ will stand still, will stand strong, will not buddernut budge


~ saved! we did survive to tell the gruesome tale.
all is well that ends well.

Big red menace - Knut
Three wee brave guys - Kismet, Leonard and Buddernut


Jim said...

Ha! That's awesome.

Kea said...

Oh, the danger! The suspense! I was on the edge of my seat!

And such a good ending...I do like a happy ending. :-)

Julianna said...

Oh, NOES! Brave , BRAVE little Buddernut! PHEW! Glad everyone is okay... :D

Miss Allie said...

That was so cute!!!

P.K said...

Very cute.

Carolyn Lackey said...

What fun on my Friday afternoon! Thanks!

Jasmin Please said...

Hahah.. they are so cute!
funny story. And cute cat too.

Pernilla said...

Meh: UR-gulliga! vilka söta små näsor de har!

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