Monday, November 18, 2013

dear dear colours

cafe morning in red

As it seems like I've started a red theme week I might as well continue on that path.

Today it'll be about stockings, socks and such. After becoming awfully tired about nylons that are most always too short in legs and too low in waist I've been very pleased these past five years or so with wearing leggings instead. Plus they are indeed more practical and warmer when winter comes.

This season however I've found good nylons that actually have legs that are long enough and a waist that is high enough. And my *new* thing is to combine shade with shade in stockings/boots/shoes and if possible in skirt/dress pattern. I think it creates such a nice, somehow seam-less, impression.

My favourite so far is wine-red hue in hue. Which is a bit of a surprise since I do prefer brighter colours in general. But it is a nice autumn/winter colour I guess. And it helps in having to great pair of wine-redish boots to do the matchy thing.

The only let-down is that, believe it or not, I do not have enough colours in shoes/boots to match every fabulous stocking. Or perhaps it's the other way around, the supply of the perfect stockings in size doesn't come in as fabulously many colours as my shoe/boots. Just other fabulous colours.

What's your favourite autumn/winter colour/s this year?

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