Thursday, November 07, 2013

what entitled cats do

siri sissinghurst

Every day, the examples of cats sense of entitlement are seemingly endless. Regular ways and new ways.

Example of a regular way - this particular one grabs MY corner in the sofa and claims it to be HER corner every time I get up to do something. 'If I turn upside down and show a very dotty tummy of course it's obvious I'm the proprietor of this corner.' Believe it or not, I have no problems with lifting her up and putting her in the other sofa corner. She's a baby I have no issues with putting in a corner, just not my corner.

the little cake thief

Example of a new way - a redhead cake thief! Seriously. And yes, she's very much a blend of her mother's (above) and father's ways. Thus she's everywhere all the time, purring and taking interest in EVERYTHING.

No use in sighing too much over it, like cat like owner...

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Elephant's Child said...

Gorgeous - and very familiar.

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