Monday, November 11, 2013

the woman and her dog ad

adorable ad photo!

I adore this photo! Possibly because I can relate to it on so many levels. It's a German ad for Philips TV - I have only a very vague idea what the text says, but if a photo alone could sell a product to me this would certainly be one of those rare occasions.

It would be fun to try and recreate the picture if it weren't for these reasons;

- there's no little loaf around to pose anymore
- the cats would never ever pose like this (I can hear them laugh at the notion alone)
- I never dress this stylish at home (and I doubt a fleece housecoat that looks like a horrific English flower pattern broadloom would create the same snappy impact)
- I hate having my picture taken

Do you have a favourite photo in an advertisment?

1 comment:

Marie said...

That really is a wonderful shot. One on my friends worked for IKEA and she used her cat in one of the catalogues a few years back. It was a lovely Russian blue cat, so she looked great in the room, but those of us who knew the cat well could see by the position of her ears that she was totally pissed off and ready to scratch someone's eyes out. I laugh every time I remember that.

However, the ad I loved the most was this one:ån-vår-vardag/2005/December/i-FW8Spzf/0/XL/PC030008-XL.jpg And that's because the little dog looks exactly like our dear little toy poodle (Lambi). The picture is from 8 years ago when she was still alive, so I did feel a little tug in my heart when I looked at it again. Lambi would have posed nicely for that photo (she was always a sweet, gentle soul), but our current dog is much more lively and she'd tear your face off if you tried to put a ribbon in her hair :-)

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