Friday, November 29, 2013

centella recovery skin-salve

kiehl's recovery salve

unfortunately it turned out that the kiehl's skin rescuer i got a month ago just wasn't enough for my sad, dry winter skin. it may be during summer (i'll save it for then) with the combination of cold weather, dry indoor air and spending a lot of time in front of computer it's not nearly enough.

so i went back and asked for something else. got this tube with a salve that supposedly soothes temporarily irritated and sensitive skin. (every time i go for a facial the beauticians assure me it isn't rosacea, so far i've trusted them in that. i may have to look into that more thoroughly again though...)

plus a bunch of advice and samples. the former i'm not very likely to follow as i am so not interested in a ridiculously complicated skin regime that takes a gazillion different products. a good cleanser, a good day/night cream and now and then a face mask that is all i'll ever use.

but i'll try the samples. who knows, they may be miraculous. the salve i've used a couple of days now. it feels ok, skin is still dry but it may look less flushed. fingers crossed. again. i'm getting rather tired of the look of nonresilient winter skin.


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck, I hope it helps.

Marie said...

This climate is very hard on skin. I hope this helps you.

My husband gets bad eczema on his face and hands which no-one seems to be able to explain. He is forced to hydrate his skin thoroughly every day and he found the best thing was Miniderm (an ACO product from Apoteket). We buy the big pump size and he applies it several times a day to keep his skin soft and stop it turning an angry red.

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