Thursday, November 28, 2013

the prettiest flower bouquet

gorgeous bouquet

Passed a fine little flower shop in the city today and swooned over this bouquet of flowers in the window display. It is definitely one of the prettiest bouquet of flowers I've ever seen. Love the simplicity and adore the colours chosen. Nothing strained or bombastic, just a (seemingly) simple, natural and very effective flower arrangement where the obvious beauty of colours, roses and carnations speak loudly for itself. Simply swoonworthy gorgeousness galore.

Apart from tulips I rarely buy fresh flowers (I feel a bit sorry for them to be honest...) but I got a bit of an urge today. Of course I could treat myself to a bouquet, but somehow the notion of someone else knowing what I love and adore when it comes to flowers would add an extra heart to the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, wouldn't you agree?

gorgeous bouquet


Elephant's Child said...

I have flowers in the house often. Ones we have grown when I can, but I am happy to buy them too.
You are right about that bouquet - it is a stunner.

Marie said...

That bouquet is gorgeous. I tend not to buy fresh flowers because like you I feel a little sorry for them. I never pick wildflowers either for the same reason. I prefer to enjoy them on the bushes or growing in the garden. But I'd be tempted in this case - just lovely.

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