Sunday, November 10, 2013

hedgehog print

hedgehog print

A few months back I passed a little art and design shop called WOS, that sold wonderful, original animal art pieces and prints. I didn't have the time to stop by then, but I promised myself to do so in a not too distant future.

Then a few weeks back, as birthday gift, I got this lovely print with hedgehogs, from my dear friend and fellow happy muse. She had simply remembered - and really, nothing simple about it since so many people do not remember things like this... - that I had posted a picture of the cute shop on Instagram earlier. And of course, I adore hedgehogs. And pink and green. Such a well-thought through gift! Heart a lot.

Today I finally framed it and I think it looks lovely. I have it in my office, in front of my desk. It makes me smile and is a sweet reminder of both the cuteness of hedgehogs and the darlingness of good friends.

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