Tuesday, November 19, 2013

november stockholm

stockholm november

The pros about November/first winter month in Sweden being this mild and snow-free (touch wood!);

no dangerous icy patches,
thus you can walk faster,
you can wear much less clothes than usual this time of the year,
it feels like a British winter,
the electric bill is more manageable

The cons about a mild, snow-free November;
most days are unbelievably dark and gloomy,
thus the energy levels are pretty low
(despite vitamin D supplements etc)

But despite feeling a bit low due to the lack of sun and overall light I have to say that the no icy roads and streets really is a huge relief. So thank you lots and lots for that so far, winter!

And yes Stockholm manages to look pretty pleasing no matter weather, lucky her.

stockholm november

stockholm november

stockholm november

stockholm november


Elephant's Child said...

Stockholm is very, very beautiful. Thank you for the glimpses.
On the other side of the world it is heating up. Fast. Too fast. And we have rather a lot of light each day.

heidikins said...

These are just beautiful, wish I could visit!


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