Friday, November 15, 2013

what a week it has been

in red

It has certainly been quite a week with ups and downs. But the downs -

the low point must be concidered to be the flood in the kitchen due to the dishwasher breaking. There will be a new one installed on Monday. Apart from the obvious nuisance of this not being a great thing to having to spend money on I'm not exactly looking forward to the handymen arriving. I will have to clean the house and since I live by the "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life" this does not make me a happy bunny. Plus the cats tend to be a little too "helpful" when new things happen and new people arrive. It's definitely easier to deal with stuff like this when you can "store" the cats in the garden while installation is happening -

have been so much easier to take due to the many fabulous ups. And a change of attitude definitely helps. Have I mentioned that I love oh so many things with my 2013?

So the good things have been lovely meetings, social and work-related, good fika - I'm adamant that every week must hold at least one really great fika-moment. That is something so very Swedish that I am actually proud of - great walks, fresh air, a decent amount of work and rather sweet news (not to be revealed yet).

I'm really really working hard on not taking too much notice about the restlessness that has been my companion this year and bear in mind that things will happen when they are meant to. And while one wait for that meant-to-time there are plenty of other things that need dealing with.

And I'm constantly amazed how much I've learnt during this year, not over yet but passed by oh so quickly, and continue to learn. How much serendipity and magic moments it has held, how many great people I've met and inspiration in abundance I've felt.

Thank you life, thank you universe for yet another, rather emotional, week brimming with good things and not so good things to learn from ~

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