Friday, November 22, 2013

happy birthday, sigrid ~


Once upon a time I was the best at not only remembering my own cats birthdays but also all the kittens raised and sold. I sent birthdays cards to everyone.

These days I'm rubbish at remembering birthdays, humans and cats alike. So if I happen to forget yours, please don't take it personally, very very few gets remembered anymore.

But I thought that at least the oldest cat in my bunch should get a birthday blog post. Sigrid, 11 years old today, blacktortiespotted, British Shorthair like the rest of course. To be honest, not the smartest of them all, but very sweet tempered, an awesome mother and grandmother. And that counts for a lot.

Happy birthday, sweetie, and many more to come!

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Elephant's Child said...

And a happy birthday to the beauty from this side of the world too.

Marie said...

She's beautiful! Happy belated birthday, Sigrid. I hope mummy spoiled you on your special day.

I'm glad to see someone else here acknowledge their pet's birthday. We always celebrate our dog's birthday, but most Swedes look at me as though I'm insane (which may be the case, but still...) I've come to the conclusion that it's "not the done thing" here, so I tend to keep it to myself now. All the more hundtårta for us :-)

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