Thursday, November 21, 2013

gender postcards

gender postcards

seriously, why assume that it's only women who might go a bit overboard with their downton abbey-lism?

and who says only men would find it terribly convenient to know six ways to effectively hide a case of wind?

clearly not a greeting card-designer who's able to think outside the ridiculous restraining box.


Elephant's Child said...

And how I wish more people could look further than those boxes, which instead of being 'one size fits all' are very much 'one size fits no-one'.

Marie said...

All I can say: Sigh

Perhaps one needs to name and shame these companies so that they get the message (even though they ought to know better by 2013!).

I remember a Twitter storm last year against Hallmark in the UK after they sold a particularly appalling sexist card aimed at 13 year old girls. That was effective - the card was withdrawn and Hallmark apologised and committed to stricter controls:

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