Saturday, November 02, 2013

new breakfast habits

alpro soyghurt

I've officially become my grandparents. In breakfast habits at least. I've always been a night owl. I've never been a morning person. I've never been breakfast person. Until recently.

I'm actually tired in the evenings. I actually usually wake up all by myself without an alarm clock early in the morning. Without feeling tired and grumpy. Not sure if that means I'm a boring grown up or not.

My breakfast habits have become more regular. And very much like my grandparents - although I'm fine with not having the same stuff whenever I eat breakfast out or travel, they didn't, they brought along their own food so they could have the same breakfast all.the.time... - you start with a bowl of sour milk (filmjölk) or yoghurt with fruit and seeds. And then continue with a cup of tea and a rye bread sandwich. They did. And I usually do too these days.


As I don't do dairy products I've become addicted to the Alpro soyghurt instead - after trying several other brands of plant based yoghurt which weren't pleasant in flavour and not good for my stomach (just like the dairy products) I found this one and I love it! It is so tasty and so good for my stomach. Not to mention the environment, animals, health and conscience - so I have to have a bowl of it every morning at home.

I thaw frozen raspberries, add the soyghurt (it comes in four flavours, natural, rhubarb-strawberry, vanilla and blueberry, my favourite is rhubarb-strawberry) and sprinkle a generous amount of psyllium seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on top (which I of course have done for many years already whenever I have a bowl yoghurt or a homemade smoothie). It's a lovely way to start off the day! (The psyllium seeds are rather hellish when it comes to sticking in between the teeth though, a toothbrush isn't always enough to get rid of those tiny brown seeds...).

alpro soyghurt

My stomach feels so much better these days, usually. Granted it might have something to do with the happy place thing and worrying less, but I definitely think a change of eating habits is part of the equation too.

Sure I like to have a good fika, a cake, pastry, bun or dessert now and then. But I never have cravings for chocolate or sweets these days. Even if I've never had major sugar cravings I've still had them on and off (the sugar conspiracy thing...). Now I don't. It's a good feeling, for body, mind and wallet. As I swear on the linseed oil capsules for much of my positive changes I think they've covered this bit too, the unnecessary sugar thing. Liberating somehow.

Are you a morning or night person?
How's your breakfast habits?
What's your favourite breakfast?


Elephant's Child said...

Decidedly a morning person. Who has bad breakfast habits. A cup of tea. Followed by another. Food doesn't happen for some hours.

Poppy Q said...

Oh I am like you too Pia, definately a night person. I am trying to make an effort to cut back on the sugar too. Not sure I could do all the seeds that you do, good on you. I am not too keen on dairy, but am trying a yoghurt a day to keep up my calcium, and eating more fruit and vegetables.

Julie and Poppy Q

DahnStarr said...

Read this post when you first put it up and have to admit that you have re-inspired me to do breakfast again. So, I've been eating my oatmeal, nuts, and raisins since then and have noticed a difference in my mood. Thanks for the timely reminder!

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