Sunday, November 24, 2013

the moo christmas cards and such

the prosit spokescat

my latest moo cards were delivered on friday and i have to say i think this batch is pretty darn awesome. 

before ordering i did have issues with the fact that for some silly reason you can no longer choose 50 different motifs on your postcards, only ten (the minimum for postcards now), so in order to get 50 different motifs you have to order them in packages of ten and by that paying a higher price. ridiculous. i was not going to order any postcards at all since it was so annoying, but ended up doing it anyway. so pleased i did, despite silly pricing, because they turned out lovely. 

and i'm so so happy that also good iphone-photos become really beautiful postcards (hence you don't have to rely on the dslr to get great result in that size). 

i'm especially struck by how fantastic the follow the hedgehog-photo turned out in print. pure magic! it looks totally unreal, like a painting or a fairytale illustration. when really, it was just a very special moment in my garden one summer morning when the light was right and the hedgehog and cats met.

unfortunately i only ordered one postcard with that motif. i'm totally going to order more asap.

it was a big box with business cards, postcards, christmas cards and stickers. only a very few didn't turn out so well in the print (bit too dark, bit too red) but nothing too bad or upsetting. i'm just very finicky. 

and it's interesting how one learns which motifs will most likely turn out well in moo print and which will not. i'm mostly correct in my choices of photos, sometimes not, sometimes they turn out less pleasingly, sometimes they are pure delight. which, i suppose, is part of the charm. why one keeps going back for more moo.

the package has of course been inspected, by a proper prosit spokescat, zigne. she did gave paw of approval. so now the postcards and christmas cards are ready to be written and sent.

so who wants a christmas card to possibly swoon a bit over? feel free to shout 'yes please!' in a comment or send  me an email. i'd be happy to send you one. and even more delighted if you'd want to swap christmas cards with me. yes, as you know, cards around christmas, that is something i thoroughly enjoy, sending and receiving. the joy of a handwritten, pretty and personal card.

moo cards november 2013


Growing Up Gramma said...

Yes, Please!!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Pia

Yes, I would like to swap a Christmas card with you!

Marie said...

After your first ordering nightmare with Moo, it's brave of you to have tried again. I doubt that I would have been as gracious as you. I'm glad that you are happy with the results as it can be a bit hit and miss when ordering processing.

My husband is also rather finicky with pictures, so we mostly use for ours because he can calibrate his screen to match their processing and then give instructions to not alter the settings he's ordered. So far that has worked well.

I'd be honoured to get a pretty postcard and will happily send you one of ours.

Lost Star said...

Yes please! I'm about to post my post for cards! :)

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