Sunday, November 17, 2013

if i write it they will come


Despite having spent time this weekend writing copy for a cleaning company and focusing on "If I write it, they will come!" they have not come. Thus I was forced to do the annoying cleaning of house myself. Go figure. (Such a disappointment!)

The good things about it are that

a) doing mundane things like this keeps the restlessness at reasonable bay, it's kind of therapeutic and the brain can rest a bit

b) using the red vacuum is rather a delight in itself

c) the kitchen sink has probably not been this spotless since we moved in here (nearly 12 years ago now)

d) I found a little lost book of important information I thought accidently had fallen into the recycle paper bag a year ago

After the arrival of handymen and the installation of a new dishwasher tomorrow I am totally looking forward to another awesome week. Lovely things planned, great things booked and sweet people to meet.

Happy new November week to you too!

1 comment:

Poppy Q said...

I love my vacumn cleaner too - I bought a Dyson last year. It is awesome and sucks like no other. If only it did the vacumning by itself it would be perfect.

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