Wednesday, November 27, 2013

cats and foxes

cat and fox

Behold the irresistable pieces that made me break my firm but apparently not completely unbreakable rule of not shopping at highstreet stores like H&M... My hairdresser friend made me do it.

I really wanted fox mittens, like hers, but they were sold out. Instead I got cat mittens and fox socks/slippers/moccasins. The mittens are one size only and, granted, slightly to short for my longer fingers, but they're very cosy and I'm sure they'll stretch with wear.

cat and fox

The moccasins are great to have when I work in pink office, because energy efficient as I am I tend to have it rather cold in here and the floors get very unfriendly for feet. Whenever I look down at my feet in fox moccasins I get a silly grin on my face. Smile inducing socks and shoes are the best!

There was a cap to, a cat hat. With ears, nose and big eyes. I didn't went for it since I thought it was a bit over the top somehow. Believe it or not.

cat and fox


Elephant's Child said...

Quirky, and fun. A delightful combination.

Marie said...

I love those foxy slippers! And in my favourite colour as well :-) It's great that you found these in adult sizes. I've discovered that these kinds of things invariably come only in children's sizes in Sweden.

I once saw a wonderful snail hat that I coveted. Unfortunately it was on the head of a toddler at the time...

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