Tuesday, November 26, 2013

green food, green dress

marsipangården cafe trosa

My rave for colour matching has apparently gone so far as I match my food with my outfit du jour.

Well, not in general (promise), but it was a rather fun moment when I realised the crazy green spinach pie on a very green bed of lettuce (that came before the lovely hot raspberry cocoa) went really very well with my green dress.

How about you, is it a recurring thing to match your food with your clothes?

PS You lovely people who have left a 'yes please!' comment in the Christmas cards (swap) post - and for everyone else who'd like a fabulous Prosit-card from yours truly! - could you please email me your address to piaktw (at) gmail (dot) com? And I'll reply with my information of course. This is will be much fun! DS

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