Tuesday, July 01, 2014

chocolate, rooibos & vanilla soother

english tea shop

After yesterday's news of the very unfortunate kind I've spent the day working, thinking and tea drinking. I'm glad to report that this tea I got as a gift recently has been a splendid companion to brooding. Well, it's most probably a good companion to any mood, but today mine was brood.

It's interesting how I some years ago couldn't stand the flavour of rooibos tea and then I must have stumbled over the perfect blend, which it was I can't remember, and then a new chapter in my life begun. The rooibos tea chapter. Now red is the most likely tea for me to chose. Though I still prefer it with a fruit flavour of some sorts.

This organic rooibos from English Tea Shop is sweetly flavoured with bits of cacao and vanilla pod and it makes for a lovely cuppa experience. One can live without many things, but not without books or cats. Let's add tea to that saying for the perfect threesome, shall we?

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Isabella G&G said...

I wasn't a great fan of rooibos either until I tried a blend with violets in it. It was love at first taste! It's great to give second chances, we give ourselves the chance to be greatly surprised too. Enjoy your rooibos, it sounds delicious. Too bad it is too hot in Southern Spain right now to even consider having a hot drink.

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