Tuesday, July 08, 2014

in july colour flow

in july colour flow

Clearly one day I need to buy this magazine and not only admire the cover design and quote du jour that strikes a cord (which happens to be exactly one year ago since I did last). Life is all in the details. And to be great with details isn't a bad feature. And if they're colourful, all the better. Here are a few colourful July details so far -

traffic lights blouses

I realised that the three blouses I had hanging on the wardrobe door were traffic lights coloured. I'm glad to report that the weather (in abundance) is screaming choose green right now.

in july colour flow

I stumbled over a cardigan that clearly screamed my carrot-loving vegetarian name! I do believe the sale-price could have been reduced even more, so I just made a mental note and left the shop. But it was difficult, if not impossible to forget it.

in july colour flow

So the next day I went back and tried it on. And it was oh so lovely. Both print and quality, the fit wasn't half bad either. It came home with me. There really should be more design and prints with vegetables. And fruit. And animals.

bunny fabric

Like really big rabbits on a pink background. This fabric is such gorgeousness galore, wouldn't you agree? Unfortunately only a really heavy fabric sort fit for furniture (imagine an armchair or a sofa...) or curtains. Because I see this in a light cotton or linen perfect for a skirt or a dress. So much bouncy happiness in that notion.

So how has your July been so far, colourful, any details that have stroke a cord?


CrimsonAnna said...

I'm having a green july. Like the dragonbrooch in my blogg. I also bought some green and light purple clothes.

Isabella G&G said...

That is one lovely cardigan! I love happy prints and I can't but wonder why they aren't more popular than they actually are, at least here in Spain. Southern Spain is full of light and colour and still most people wear boring clothes. Thank God there's the Internet to find cool stuff and that's what I did, so soon I'll be wearing an orange dress all covered up in swans.

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