Friday, July 25, 2014

having a heatwave and kombucha

the daily weather cat

When you thought the temperatures wouldn't rise, they did. Hottest day so far in Stockholm, at least +34C.

fika stockholm

Did some errands, had a lovely meet up, sought a shady spot for fika and conversation.

fika stockholm

The ice tea was really fab and refreshing. The cake, too sweet. Which was a bit surprising as it was said to be a polenta GI-cake (the GI-bit I couldn't care less about, but all the nuts on top looked lovely), but the glazing was really too much.


Someone wanted ice-cream, I wanted a cold drink. And this was a really great discovery, a Swedish kombucha, from a Stockholm based micro-brewery. Peach and pomegranate flavour, another refreshing meet cute of the day.

And it made me think a lot about the fact that you can make your own kombucha and even if I'm no great fan of home brewing as such (it seems a bit messy to me) it's a beverage with many health benefits I'm very curious about and instead of paying a hefty price for bottles why not experiment with making one's own. After the summer, after the heatwaves, I think I'll do just that.

well hello there

Also, on this very hot day I, befittingly, met George Clooney. At least I think I did. It might have been my mushy summer brain playing tricks on me. Or was it the kombucha? Well, if so, that would certainly be another reason for making your own me thinks.

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Poppy Q said...

Ohh that sounds too hot, although it must be nice to be having such a great summer. Enjoy your juices in the sun miss pia.

Mid winter here - it is 5 degrees tonight but was about 14 degrees during the day. We are pretty lucky.

julie and poppy Q

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