Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the chestnut girl and the hamster on a scooter

chestnut girl brooch

I bought three things in Krakow I treasure a bit more than the rest of the bunch (teas and skincare). And they are 1) the Little My handbag of course.

2) This adorable handpainted on ceramics brooch, called Chestnut girl. I'm not a great user of brooches, I have a little collection but I rarely remember to wear them. But this one was truly delightful and with a little "acorn" (one of my favourite shapes) dangling on it too of course I had to buy it. There were about six different girl motifs in different colours and in the end I chose this one. It was only when I got home that I saw on the back of the brooch that it was called Chestnut girl - which perfectly fits my hair and me being an October child. Bought in a tiny artisan shop called Galeria Manu Ciao in the inspirational, charming olds Jewish quarters of Krakow.

 hamster on a scooter

3) A T-shirt with a happy hamster. In a helmet. On a scooter. It may be ridiculous, mass-produced, and cheap but it's also such a happiness instigating silly little wearable thing. Possibly one of the best T-shirts I've ever owned. Happy hamster driving a scooter, I think there may be a law that says that every wardrobe should have one. And if there isn't it should be. Wouldn't you agree?

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Poppy Q said...

So cute miss pia. Like you I am not a real brooch wearer, although they look cute on winter coats. I love your bag though and that hamster is pretty awesome. Nice skirt too.

Julie Q

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