Saturday, July 26, 2014

the summer cake metaphor

strawberry cream cake

Had dinner at a classic, posh Stockholm restaurant (celebrating a family member who turned 90) today. From a vegetarian point of view it was hugely disappointing - read all about it in a Yelp-review - the lack of care and knowledge when it comes to ingredients in this day and age, especially at such an expensive place... jeez. 

Afterwards we had strawberry cream cake at some of the dinner guests' home - and that was really nice at least, enjoyed in a shady spot in the garden with cool breezes. And for some reason all the remains of the cake now rests in my fridge. I said yes to a piece, I got the whole cake (but of course I will share!). 

Though I'm thinking that would be a really really really great metaphor for my professional life from now on; I'd be most happy with a perfect, generous piece of cake but I wouldn't mind getting the whole cake. I know I'll make an awesome job with it. 

And since sharing is caring, edible cake will be served regularly, not only metaphorical.

strawberry cream cake

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