Friday, July 04, 2014

'tis the season of cold drinks


Still drink tea at least a couple of times a day - and yes the chocolate, rooibos, vanilla was lovely - but mostly it's cold drinks on my mind this time of the year. Mainly tap water of course, but also hipster cordial and such. I've enjoyed two new-ish ones this past summer week.

The one above is from Swedish company Vitamin Well, vitamin still drinks fortified with minerals, herb extracts and sweetened with fruit sugar or stevia. I don't like sparkling drinks and do not appreciate sweet beverages, so for that only they get thumbs up. But luckily the flavours aren't half bad either, my favourites are Defence with citrus + elderflower, Antioxidant with peach and Care with red grapefruit. When out and about and I don't feel like a freshly squeezed fruit juice or a smoothie I always go with a bottle of this.

This new flavour is a summer edition only, rhubarb/strawberry, and it was lovely. With or without a spectacular view.

ice tea and ztina

The other cold drink of a new-ish sort was this ice tea I had at home today. The box of tea I actually bought in Lisbon, almost three years ago now, but I haven't gotten around to trying it until now, oops. Glad to say it was very refreshing, summery and tasty, no sugar added only a pyramide teabag with forrest fruit tea.

Clearly I need to make my own ice tea from now on.
Do you have any favourite recipe to share?
And what's your favourite cold drink for hot summer days?

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