Wednesday, July 09, 2014

the noble art of dripping with pleasure

luddkolt's z

Many years ago when staying at a B&B in England there was a cat that took every chance at a cuddle with anyone close by. While doing that she salivated profusely. One of the other guests called it "dripping with pleasure". Such an apt expression for it and it has stuck.

Many years ago I had a gorgeous chinchilla persian cat who also was a cuddle monster. As well as a master drooler. Since then none of the cats has shown any drooling while cuddling tendencies. I can't say I missed it.

luddkolt's z

Things have now changed. This is how my evenings pretty much always are rounded off these days. The one named Ztina has recently shown quite an obsessive behaviour when it comes to being near me, for reasons unknown. Even if it's of course always nice to be loved, I'm not ungrateful for the affection shown. Far from.

It's just that it seems, to me, more laboursome than lovely to always, always, always purring very loudly whenever I'm nearby. Always swirling around demanding belly rubs and cuddles when I sit down, stand up, walk by. Add to that drooling. Yes she is now also showing obvious signs of becoming the next big drooler in this residence.


Adamantly working her way to perfection in the noble art of dripping with pleasure. Another side of the life with the Prosit sisters.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that phrase. And our Jewel positively floods with pleasure. A drip doesn't begin to describe the flow.

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