Monday, July 21, 2014

oh the waiting game


This week I was suppose to start a new rather exciting copywriting project -

sadly not the one I was/am really passionate about, but very interesting just the same. And to be honest, as it is such a curious and serendipitious thing I do suspect that for reasons I can't tell, they're connected in some way. Because I don't believe that *coincidences* like this just happen, for no reason and without connection -

but as things look now it seems like the project won't start until mid August. Oh this waiting game, in different shapes and sizes! I truly feel I've been playing it for too long now. Waiting for other people to come to the right place and mind in time, the not being able to influence the decision-making-stage, just waiting for others to...

About high time something fabulastic happened on a professional level, because seriously, hard work, determination, skills and a passionate attitude with a dash of creative madness should pay off. Period.

Until the Universe, which works in mysterious ways as we all well know, see it fit to let those dreams to come true, well I'll keep working on less exciting but billable stuff and at least have time to enjoy the summer and the weather. So I'm not complaining as such, although anticlimax, it's such a nuisance. What is it good for, absolutely nothing.

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