Wednesday, July 30, 2014

focus on happiness


Actually no, I didn't buy this T-shirt, but I really adore the print. Simple and oh so important. Here are five things that made me happy today;

Instead of the T-shirt above I got me a lovely, cool knitted linen sweater on sales with another fabulous statement - The heart is a compass. From the same line as the stay inspired T-shirt. It'll be perfect for cooler summer evenings and for many years to come. That made me happy, that one sweater was left, that it was in my size and that it looked good.


It rained today! Finally. And a great deal of water poured down. And the temperatures sank to very pleasing degrees. It was again possible to breath and think. Energy returned. It still rains. And hopefully it will be possible to actually get a decent night's sleep. Touch wood.


Not the least bit as good as the peach pomegranate one, but still this kombucha was refreshing and uplifting. Yup, I need to drink this more often.


Stockholm Pride week started today. There are rainbow flags and signs everywhere and somehow the city seems a bit kinder and more loving. Even the Oatly drinks packaging is rainbow coloured. Their packaging design is awesome any day, but rainbow coloured even more so.

And you know me, I just match. Even if most summer days are Impi dress days it was a slightly more befitting day today.


This made me happy. But then this makes me happy and grateful everyday. To be surrounded by gorgeous, loving, quirky cats. One of the best things in life. And I have that in abundance. Lucky, lucky, lucky me. Happiness indeed.

What made YOU happy today?


Elephant's Child said...

Today we have sunshine. Rather a lot of cool sunshine. And the birds are visiting en masse. And the furry fiends always make me happy. Even when they are infuriating me.

Poppy Q said...

Not going to work today!!!! I wish it was summer here, but not too long to wait.

CrimsonAnna said...

Today is so young, but yesterday it was Östasiatiska Muséet (Museum of East Asian culture) and SF-bokhandeln with my boyfriend =)

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