Thursday, July 31, 2014

goodbye july

feeding chickens

Dear July,
you've been a fast and hot month. Perhaps not too fast but certainly too hot.

With highs and lows you've been an eventful month full of learning and new experiences. And oh the waiting game.

I'm looking forward to your sibling August, please bring less hot days and lots of laughters. More learning, great food, fresh experiences and oh, I would indeed be very grateful for delightful, exciting professional news. 

Because the waiting game is a silly li'l thing that lets perfectly perfect opportunities and days pass by when so so much could be accomplished, upon that we can agree, right? Right.

That is my humble and hopeful wish for August,
dear August, you wistful last month of summer.

Just to compare 2014 months so far -
Farewell January
Goodbye February
Farewell March
Farewell April

Farewell, beautiful May
Hey June
Sweet rejection

chicken conversation
On the very last day of July we fed chickens. Followed by a seemingly very interesting, stimulating and clever conversation between the bobbaloos and the chatty chickens. Heart.

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