Friday, July 18, 2014

meet the little my handbag

When I've collected my thoughts, feelings and photos I'll write some posts on favourite places in Krakow, general impressions, Auschwitz and human behaviour and such. I will also need a couple of good nights' sleep and foot pampering. Because in my world going on holiday certainly don't mean rest and relaxation.

This post will be about the best purchase made in Krakow - a handmade shoulder bag with Little My. Leather yes, which, if not shoes and recycled, I've stopped buying. This is a one-off piece made from recycled bits. Roomy enough to fit a laptop and lots of stuff. I think it's delightful and quirky. Feel free to be green with envy.

Spotted by chance in a tiny shop just across the street from our apartment on Florianska. There were two and this is the one I didn't choose. 

Perhaps it's still left, if you happen to long for dometing special and Moominish. The shop's name is Hand Made, situated on Florianska 20, Krakow, Poland. 

When autumn comes - some glorious months from now - I and Little My will have great times together I'm sure.

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Elephant's Child said...

Decidedly jealous thoughts for the moomin magic.

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