Thursday, July 03, 2014

standing on a happy magic carpet

standing on a magic carpet

If you don't have a happy magic carpet to ride, you can read these five articles for a happier life.

:: Sometimes the simplest solution is the most powerful one - take time and thought to connect people with eachother. How to make a big difference in people's life in 5 minutes a day.

:: Other people matter, strengthen your relationships.

:: Chat up a stranger - if it feels uncomfortable (in this age when most of us have a smartphone as our daily security blanket) my suggestion is dare to compliment.

:: Small is happier and other facts about what makes us happy at work - as in micro-business with fewer than 10 people are happier at work. I took a survey recently and I'm happy (pun!) to report that my happiness index as far as working in my own one woman business goes gave me 8,7 on a scale of 10 being the happiest. Yay!

:: The key to finding fullfillment in your job or how to find a meaningful job.

A year ago today I had a meaningful meeting. Then I wrote about the shapes of a heart. Today I wrote about happiness. It's been a year of rollercoasting. But mostly up and few downs (even with a certain down very fresh in mind), I'm happy to say.

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