Saturday, July 05, 2014

playing tourist in your own city

rawfood fika stockholm

Today I did a bit of touristing in my own city - from a bobbaloo point of view it was probably a big thing, from a me point of view not so much. But it made me think of the things I've planned to do for so long in my own city.

Like finally visiting the ABBA museum and singing my heart out - hate singing in public, but I'm thinking I should a) do the most of a visit and b) challenge myself in doing something really uncomfortable more often.

Do a hop on hop off bus tour in Stockholm - which I always love doing when abroad, it would be nice to do that here too. Play wide eyed tourist and taking pictures from another view.

About high time to take another boat trip "Under the bridges of Stockholm" - it's after all almost seven years since the last time... And the bobbaloos have never been.

Today we had planned to go on a ghost tour in Old Town, but the guide never turned up at the meeting point (and there wasn't any phone number to contact them on...) - so the only touristing was walking the tourist tracks. Which was rather nice since it was a truly glorious day. Finally. Summer. Celebrated with rawfood chocolate cake and summer punch - splendid combination on a splendid day.

stockholm strömparterren

Do you ever play tourist in your own city?
If so, what do you do?

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