Sunday, July 27, 2014

to be overwhelmed with dog joy and other important snippets

hedgehog 2014

From the daily weather cat, to the strawberry cake weather report to the daily weather hedgehog, slowly, slowly slightly cooler weather. What can I say, it's easy to be a bit obsessive with weather when you never seem to get a proper night's sleep due to the heat...

:: Today I'm contemplating the fact that a year ago today I was part of a really lovely event revolving around something I'm very passionate about. Truly madly deeply I worked wished wanted for that to evolve into something substantial, long-term, beneficial and profitable for everyone involved. Still waiting for that to happen.

:: This might be one of the the most endearing articles and movie clips I've seen in a long long time - Dog faints being overwhelmed with joy after being reunited with her owner. Tissues close at hand because you will both cry and laugh seeing this (and you might need earplugs too, because the excited dog's whimpering is loud).

:: I love these sort of projects, like the London Wildlife Trust. Sadly not something you see in Sweden/Stockholm, where (city) life seems to be about building more roads to accomodate even more cars and tearing down the old to build something new but far from always something better. Rarely do we hear something about preservation, eco-friendliness and caring for the city co-dwellers. As usual every other being should only co-exist if it can do so without inconvenience for the human specie. So many humans seem so utterly silly and ungraspably stupid, like from another planet of pure selfishness and ignorance.

:: Also cats can wait and long to be reunited with their humans, but they mostly do so in a moer dignified way - 30 melancholic cats wait for their humans to return

:: I may not be a fan of IKEA, but this collaboration with animal shelters in order to get people to adopt rescue dogs is so so so much awesome! I hope it'll spread to more stores all over the world.

:: Feed the vending machine with plastic bottles for recycling, feed stray dogs - another great initiative for dogs. Although, just like in Athens, my heart aches for those dogs without a home. All because of humans irresponsible behaviour. Again.

:: This is certainly a powerful campaign by the WWF regarding the heartbreaking rising numbers of poaching of endangered species - Stop one, stop them all. In 2014 the world really is still full of heartless and stupid people.

:: And while we're at the subject great campaigns that make you think, take a look at these brilliant ads that actually have something important to say.

hedgehog 2014

Some days, for a brief moment, it's actually possible for two hedgehogs to share one food bowl. One might then think that humans, with a much larger brain that's said to be able to grasp much more complex questions and reasonings, would be able to live a more peaceful, compassionate, kind and insightful life. Most days I thoroughly question that capability.

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Poppy Q said...

I saw that dog video - how sweet, you could tell he was super happy.

Miss Pia, we usually only see hedgehogs at night here, never during the day, as they tend to sleep. Yours must be very tame.

Julie and Poppy Q

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