Thursday, July 24, 2014

the daily weather cat

having a heatwave

We're having a heatwave. Just like last summer. (And strangely enough a year exactly on this day...). And I'm sure noone will complain about this when Scandinavian winter comes. And the weather is as the weather is, not much one can do about it, just accept. Well, except that this isn't normal and very likely an effect of global warming and pretty much all down to exactly that, what we humans do.

That aside, because it's just too hot to go all intellectual and analyzing right now, I'm thinking that a daily weather cat is a fun thing (via the InstaWeather app) Instead of complaining about the weather, what does a cat do to beat the heat. Besides being awfully cute no matter weather conditions of course.

when it's 30 degrees celsius

Upside down always works.

having a heatwave

Or simply find the perfect cool-ish spot in the shade.

having a heatwave

Myself I relish a good fresh juice when it's hot. Too bad the cleaning of the juicer suddenly feels terribly laboursome. Otherwise I would gulp down pints of it every day right now.

I guess +30C doesn't sound that hot, to some, but when you look at a thermometer in the sun and see +46C I'm thinking it might be at least a bit hotter than 30 degrees, here and there.

Summer is a lovely time of the year, it really is. But I'm quite happy with temperatures around +25C. And breezes. And being able to sleep in a cool bedroom. And not feeling all sticky and uncomfortable about five minutes after taking a shower. Plus energy and inspiration, where have thou gone?

I am however very grateful for not being covered in thick fur when a heat wave strucks.

when it's 30 degrees celsius

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