Monday, June 11, 2007

Beetroots everywhere

For some reason I'm trying out beetroot in cooking and baking right now. It is both tasty and healthy, but also a pretty messy thing to be working with, the slaughterhouse-feeling does spring to mind, just like with the cherries...

But when the actual preparing is done, the food and the baked almost always is totally scrumptious and well worth the effort and the red stain mess. Sort of like with the cherries.
070604 001
One of my simple all-year-round favourites is to grill halloumi and make a pastasallad. Served hot or cold. This one with beetroot doesn't only make a pretty picture, it tastes divine!

I chose spagetti or tagliatelle for this dish, but by all means use your favourite pasta. Grate carrots and beetroots, mix with fetacheese - I always go for a supertasty chilimarinated one that adds not only an extra sting but also a perfect amount of oil - and top with grilled halloumi. If you don't use a pre-marinated feta then add a bit of garlicoil or some other favourite. And perhaps fresh basil?

I got a new, much anticipated, vegetarian cookbook in the mail last week. The recipes and the pictures left me drooling and with an immediate urge to try some stuff out.

This chocolate cake with beetroots turned out amazingly well, all moist and irresistable chocolaty. The freezer is now filled with this chocolate-dream so whenever one have the chocolate-urge there's help to be found close at hand!
070609 026

This bake with pasta and carrot and creme fraiche didn't originally contain beetroot, but I had some grated one left...
070609 015
Quite a nice one, both on its own and as a side dish.

Bon appetite!


Unknown said...

Very interesting! My brother makes chocolate cake with a can of black beans in it, he puts them in the blender and skips out on the oil and eggs - and it is fabulous!!

Pia K said...

Oh my,, that sounds fascinating! Any chance of a recipe?:)

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