Friday, June 15, 2007

My day so far

It's rather tiresome to just sit and wait for the arrival of handymen - whose time apparently and always is much more important than mine or anyone else, since they can't actually make a more specific appointment like a normal non-handy person...

I can't help but wonder how they act when they need to make an appointment with the dentist, the doctor, the lawyer, the accountant - let's say sometime between 8 am - 4 pm on Friday. Shouldn't think so. It really beats and bugs me why this is such an acceptable behaviour for handymen, anybody got a clue??

I could have had a nice sleep in, I could have had a nice breakfast watching a movie, yes I could even had time to do some errands on the town. Instead I sat here waiting and waiting and waiting... They didn't show up until 2 pm.
070615 011
I did manage to get some neat jewellery made while waiting though, it's been such a long time since last. Jewellerymaking is very much that kind of thing I get mentally paralyzed by. All the ideas, all the pearls, stones and materials, so much to do, so little time... And so, nothing gets done.

Also I would so much like to go a bit overboard, crazy, flip out when making the stuff. I've always loved colours, so I'm no Bashful when it comes to mixing and matching in that area, neither different materials and shapes. But I'm just so filled with admiration of all these - mainly American - jewellerymakers that really stretches the limits and the materials. Oh, I wish I could go all flippin' and get my ideas turned into muckin' afazing stuff, instead of getting gorgonized by pearls and stones.

Anyhow, while waiting and making something out of those stones I also enjoyed one of the most lovely fruit syrups I've ever had. Just like homemade, no preserves, rhubarb squash from Grangärde Musteri/cider factory. I gulped the last half of the bottle down and it was just delicious. Not very easy to find in the stores I'm afraid, but I'll have my eyes open.
070613 002
The other bottle in the pic is a great cardamom fruit syrup from Nibble Gård/Farm. A farm which doesn't just sell their own food-products but also other nice products from small farms and most often organic. And they have a really charming café open all summer, which makes the perfect little outing! Map to Nibble
This cardamom syrup can be mixed with water or white wine or vodka, depending on the occasion. *Slurp*

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