Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two lunches

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Now this is a pretty plate, don't you think? I really, really like the thought that you eat with your eyes too. And this is one of the prettiest plates of food I've ever gotten served for lunch. And the ingredients do sound lovely and mouthwatering - halloumisallad with strawberries.

But. Well, the halloumi is raw and grated, the taste of strawberries tend to take over, far too much of that basil yoghurt and balsamic vinegar. And no, I didn't like the mint as a finishing touch. The naked (?) oats was really nice and chewy, all the different lettuces with their varied flavours get the thumbs up. But well, all in all, rather hyped.

Very friendly and accomodating staff though, both in café and in shop. And where's this dish to be found then? In überstylish concept-shop Nitty Gritty, Krukmakargatan 26, Stockholm.
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When it comes to flavours and tastiness, this plate of perhaps not as great looking food definately wins. It's falafel with food wheat - not sure if that's the correct translation - with hoummus, salsa, tapenade. Doesn't look much but was surprisingly tasty - and since I was simply starving at the time and therefor even pickier (contradictive perhaps, but that's how I work) with what I eat, it's a good grade.

Maybe not the nicest, cosiest of places to eat, but they did offer quite a selection of both healthy and vegetarian choices on the menu. Kafé Kompott (Café Compote), Karlbergsvägen 52, Stockholm.

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