Monday, June 11, 2007

In Knysna

So, here I continue to ramble, share, write and jabber about South Africa, from my point of travel-view. Yes I know it's *a bit* incoherent, but it's going to be like this or nothing at all. And that's that.

We'd just reached Knysna, had a lovely dinner, crashed in bed - woke up to a really rainy day. Didn't really think it could rain in Africa... Sort of anyway.

I know M flatly denies he's having *a bit* of a problem with snoring. Everytime I really can't stand the sound of it when tryoing to get to sleep and actually has to get sort of violent, I always get one of these two replies *I haven't even fallen asleep yet* or *I don't do it on purpose*. Well, facts remain, someone is snoring loudly and it isn't me who really hasn't had the chance of even remotely going to sleep. Hm, who can it be, the man hiding in the closet? The ghost from Christmas past?

What I am getting at is that that first night in Knysna I hardly had any sleep at all, so when morning came and the rain kept pouring down I refused to do anything but trying to get some hours of sleep instead of exploring the town. It's my vacation, on the other side of the world and I can do what I want. Sleep.

When I finally felt like getting out of bed, the rain had stopped, and this was the view from our veranda -
Sydafrika 2007 275

Some fun shopping was done - come to think of it, I found Knysna to be the best place for shopping while in South Africa. Really good value for money in general - and then we had lunch at just my kind of place/coffee shop, off the main street, Purple Onion Deli.
Sydafrika 2007 271
Where M had these odd looking pastries for dessert, they're called koeksuster - you can read more about them here - and they were, well so-so I guess. A matter of sweet-tooth-taste.
Sydafrika 2007 269
After having lunch we did some more exploring of the town and ended up down in the harbour area, *sort of* touristy, boringly modern one might say. But I did like these Hemingway-look-alikes that was completely in awe of the bike-show in the harbour
Sydafrika feb 2007 310
And then we hopped on a ferry - which was said to have won the prize of being one of the most advanced ferries ever built. I'm completely blown away about that statement since the boat really was an old hulk. That had an appearance that might get one thinking of writing one's will before entering on a cruise on the Knysna lagoon... - and went on a lagoon-cruise. The lagoon technically not being a lagoon...
Sydafrika feb 2007 320
The guide had a dialect which was quite difficult to understand, but it was an enjoyable cruise, if a bit wobbly. You got an lovely view over Knysna, the Heads and the Featherbeds Nature Reserve (privately owned world heritage site).
Sydafrika feb 2007 315
What I most vividly remember from the cruise - apart from the fact that it was really difficult to get any good pictures due to the wobbly part - was that no insurance company in the world will let you take out an boat-insurance for a boat that tries to get from The Indian Ocean and through The Heads into the Knysna lagoon because the risk of getting smashed into the rocks are close to a 100%. And that the Knysna lagoon harbours a unique little seahorse that unfortunately is an endagered species.
Back in the harbour - where one could heave a deep sigh of relief that the worry of not having written a will before entering the "prize-winning" ferry was over - we later had dinner at JJ's - which you can sort of glimpse on the upper floor of the left hand corner building in the pic.
Sydafrika 2007 291
In my opinion probably a bit, sort of, in parts overrated foodwise and more than a bit touristy... M thoroughly enjoyed those amazing looking *alive but on their way to death* fresh deep-sea oysters
Sydafrika 2007 293
Myself, I tried to concentrate on my giant mushrooms for starters... Followed by a tunasteak with a amazing mashed potatoes with cinnamon! And an even more superb salsa-sauce. Scrumptious. My tastebuds fluttered with joy.
Sydafrika 2007 295
Well, I said sort, of, in parts, a bit overrated foodwise, not completely. And come to think of it twice, I believe the food-experience in Knysna all-in-all was the best too. *Slurp with a capital S*

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