Monday, June 04, 2007

Two summer hangouts in Stockholm

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When summer hits Sweden, most everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible - since the summer season is rather short up here in the north of Europe. June-August, and if were lucky there are warmer days to be enjoyed from April-September.

In my opinion the rest of the year and every Swedish season is quite enjoyable! But since autumn, winter and spring demand so much more clothing, and offer darker mornings and evenings and less sun, well summer has a certain special appeal to it.
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And eating outdoors while enjoying the wonderful views of Stockholm from different angles - that's really a must of all musts! Here's my tip on two different places to do that, in my opinion one has far better food and yes more of an ambiance and friendly welcome than the other. But still #2 is kind of quaint, located in an old mill smack in between two underground/railroad tracks.

Solstugan (The Sunny Cottage) is picturesquely situated on the cliffs of Fredhäll. Nearby lies the bathing place of Fredhällsbadet - built in 1912 for the Summer Olympics games -, where you can actually sunbathe on the cliffs and then go for a dip in the lake Mälaren. Quite a perfect way to spend the day and then round off with dinner or drinks at Solstugan.
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After having gone through the other vegetarian alternatives they offer at Solstugan, I now always opt for the grilled halloumi burger. It's just so tasty! And you really don't have to worry you will have to leave the table still hungry...

To spend a sunny afternoon/evening on the huge sundeck, or in the shade if you prefer that but still with an amazing view over parts of Stockholm, with good food in good company, ah, what a perfectly satisfying way to enjoy the city!

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The other hangout, on the southside of Stockholm close to underground-station of Gullmarsplan, is called Skanskvarnen (Barbican mill) and as I said, it's rather quaint with such an old mill - from 1850 - being situated amidst the railroad-tracks and the buzz of the city. It's been a restaurant since 1930 and is said to be haunted...
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I wasn't really satisfied with the welcome, the service - sloppy and unengaged - and the food they offered - homely cooking and not very vegetarian... But the tunasallad I finally did chose was a huge portion and with fresh ingredients - too bad they managed to add some of the ingredients I really don't like or eat; rocket, sundried tomatoes, olives and capers...
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My friend immensely enjoyed her fried Baltic herring on Swedish rye bread - as you might have guessed a very Swedish and very simple dish. A dish I absolutely loath and always have done. To me it's just yukky - but Swedes in general seem to rave about it...

Anyway, two places for a pleasant, scenic hangout in good company during summer. Both are also open for lunch.


Kit said...

Hi Pia, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can forsee a time when our house will be full to the brim with animals. We already have four border collies, three cats, as well as the rabbit and guinea pigs. I've said youngest has to wait until she is old enough to do all the looking after herself, including cleaning out the cages.

BTW I can't imagine desserts filled with garlic!

Pia K said...

Better late than never, thanks for stopping by here too:)

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