Friday, June 29, 2007

Vegetarian comfort

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When it comes to cooking I have my old favourites that I return to on a regular basis, some of them are delicious, others are basically just something to fill your belly with, so it doesn't cry in desperate starvation.

But now and then I get inspired my others, by friends, by cookbooks, by TV, by eating out, to try something new. To hopefully incorporate new favourites to the old bunch. Sometimes I get completely disappointed in a recipe that sounds soo goood, the ingredients just don't work well together and the flavour is bland and utterly boring *hate bland and flavourless*

Why are people, even chefs, often so afraid of using salt and spices?? When the best dishes are the ones from which you can distinguish several layers of flavours, all trying their very best to give you a taste-sensation to remember and savour.

But now I think I've found the sort of ultimate vegetarian cookbook - even if I do change the recipes a bit here a bit there to suit my taste buds even more - with the very original name "Vegetariskt" (Vegetarian). Written by the chefs at one of my favourite cafés in the Stockholm area - Ulriksdal's Castle Garden Café - with mouthwatering food pics.

I don't fancy to try out everything, there are ingredients I really don't like, but so far I've been a bit adventurous and tried some different kind of bean sallads with dressings I wouldn't normally go for. And they've turned out completely irresistible! *Yummy*

The beetroot chocolate cake and the carrot bake I wrote about earlier, are both from this cookbook.
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I've also tried the black bean & avocado sallad. Which tasted even better - if possible - after having a good night's rest in the fridge.
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Feta cheese & broccoli beefs - a bit of too much work for that food experience though, not sure I'll do it again.
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But I must admit, they did go well with lemon rice and this amazing broccoli & corn sallad. The whole meal did get extra paws up by Agnes too (pic on top). Even if I'm not absolutely certain that's all and all a positive thing, when it comes to my taste-preferences and what appeals to cats... Anyway, best not think to much about that I guess.
070628 026
Today it was time for a spinach lasagna. The recipe called for a ridiculously large amount of bechamel - I don't like runny, spongy lasagna so I halved that. And I really, really, REALLY don't like bluecheese so I changed that to fetacheese. And different spices. And yes, this dish also turned out to be a really great one! All flavoury, perfect chewiness *new word?*, yummy, easy to make, nice allover. Will make on a regular basis for sure!

And on the definate plus side at this particular moment in life, not only healthy and great tasting, but also really snugly comfort food...

If you're interested in recipes, just let me know!

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