Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sharpies speculate

* Why is it so difficult, for some, to keep it civilized when replying on spontaneous job-applications? I have absolutely no idea why it's obviously much easier to reply in a rather rude and patronising manner than just a simple "thanks for your interest, but not right now"-thing.

And am I glad that they don't have any jobs to offer - or so they say - when it's the CEO who's replying in that hectorly way. Especially when his lack of manners are accompanied by an equally embarassing lack of knowledge in the Swedish language ie he can't spell... Oh my, wouldn't want to work in a company with the top boss not being able to express himself in a civilized way. Since the company-climate always has a tendency to be how the top man/woman acts...

And when pondering the above, I can't help but think about if it can be true, the thing one has thought about now and then over the years, that it's mostly the mediocre minds that get the top/well paid jobs? Some reasons perhaps being that the management really don't want the "topnotch" person to have an original idea, think for her/himself, question things and sort of outshine the management? A sort of twisted "the best person for the right position"...

Ok, fine, you don't have anything suitable for me right now, but I much rather get an agreeable template than an unpleasant spelling error extravaganza.

Getting that kind of reply I immediately realise that there apparently IS a vacancy in that company. Namely to teach them that first impressions do last, that it's pretty vital to use a spell-checker now and then, what a difference a choice of word, a comma, a capital do...

* I have absolutely no idea why I have recieved two imbecile job-enquiries as lately. They both have to do with wellness involving a concoction of the Disney company, the Nobel Prize and an amazing electronic invention no-one has ever heard of. Why on earth would I be interested in that?? Obviously they haven't read my CV - just the opposite I should say. I have three words for this - irksome, pokey, tiresome. Baha humbug!

* And then we have a bit of an actual cherry on the sundae, really, no pun intended, and that's that I did persevered in the case of wrongful claim regarding waste disposal fee - I got this second halfwit letter from that debt collection agency stating that my reasons for refusing to pay didn't acquit me from the obligation to pay. Which is completely untrue, and even if it wasn't it is most certainly not their place to decide, it's a matter for the court. I got so mad I was close to eruption. Boy, did they mess with the wrong gal!

Of course I had to continue to repudiate the claim. And sure enough - even if one can hardly ever be sure when it comes to law. The alpha and omega-bit of it... - a few days later I got a letter saying they withdraw the claim. Ha. Yes it was a measly sum of money, but sometimes you just have to take a stand even for the measly things in life. They're also a part of the puzzle.

And doing this, I really remember why I once upon a time did love the law, and still do I guess. It's not always, perhaps even more seldom than often, a question of right and wrong, black and white, it's almost always a case of interpretation. And getting the argumentation right is essential - oh I do love that kind of wordly quill-driving! What a buzz!


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