Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thou Ancient, Thou Free

landställe 021
Today it's the 6th of June, Sweden's National Day. It was made into a public holiday as late as 2005, but it has of course been celebrated in more or less modest ways before that. The day is celebrated in memory of Gustav Vasa becoming a king in 1523, which ended the Kalmar Union - when Sweden was ruled by the Danish king - and thus "founded" the new Sweden.

If you want to read more about Sweden and its history, you'll find it here.

Yes there are many things that can and should be improved in Sweden - both politically and otherwise, or well I suppose one could way that everything in life is politics in one way or the other... - but all in all and certainly by comparison worldwide, it's a fantastic country in many, many ways! And yes I'm in general proud to be Swedish!
Rape fields in June

Even if I don't shout it from the rooftops, or waver the flag too often and certainly bellyache about what's wrong in the parliamentary kingdom of Sweden on a regular basis - but hey, it's a democracy! So feel free to speak and write and try to make a difference.

Here are some ways you can celebrate the National Day in Stockholm -

and here comes a picture-cavalcade with some glimpses of what makes Sweden a grand country - Happy National Day!!! -

060811 018
Turning torso, Malmö
060804 006
061215 035
061215 017
060801 003
061119 005
vinter 2006 179
060801 031
060730 004
060819 008
s-kull 409


Unknown said...

I love your photos! The more I read your blog the more I look at plane tickets to Stockholm, it is just so beautiful! Sigh - maybe someday...


Pia K said...

Thank you so much!!
Always having the camera in my handbag really makes me look at Stockholm and moments different - and appreciate them more.
Yes, some day you'll definately stand with your two feet on the paving stones of Stockholm and experience it first hand:)

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