Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Cable Guy and Other Short Stories

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* The lovely Café Kajak, which I wrote about here, didn't exactly live up to all that the last time. The price difference from the previous times - and the amount of food on your plate - were suddenly whooping. Not to mention the quality of the food... That it's sort of peak-season doesn't excuse all these three changes for the worse. I'm so disappointed! And will definately not go there until high-price-not-very-good-food-small-portions-season is off.

* You know the nasty, itchy, runny thing form last Sunday? Well, the next day my mum had the same problem and later I heard about several others having had that during the weekend. A tiny article in the newspaper later explained that there are increased levels of grasspollen due to the hot weather. And that many more than usual suffer from allergies. Bejabers!

Some advices for avoid the knowings of grasspollen were;
- always wash your animals when they've been outdoors
Then I would have to stand guard at the terrace door most of the day, catching whoever wanted to sneak back in and throw them in the bathtub. Not my idea of fun. Nor the furry creatures'...
- do the laundry more often than you usually do
Eh, that's just not possible, then I'd practically have to stand by the washing machine and throw the newly, still dripping wash back in and do it all over again... The laundry-equivalence to Sisyfos.
- don't hang your wash out to dry outside
So what am I going to do then, hang it indoors? Not only would it take ages to dry - and probably not smell equally nice - the house would look like a vagrant's camp. Yes I admit, it does that sometimes anyway, or well, perhaps more than sometimes, like in some rooms always... But still, I can do without clean laundry hanging to dry everywhere. And besides, the cats would love to get heaps of new hangouts to mess up with their furry little bodies. Don't think so.
- don't go outside
Well, here we have it, the first really good figh-the attack-of-the-grass-pollen-advice! Not.

But since I haven't had any knowings since Sunday/Monday, and yes last night the rain poured down *at last* perhaps there isn't much to shield from right now.

* The common land society in my neighbourhood - to which one pay a steep fee every year, I'm not really sure what one gets from it though... - for some reason thinks it's a more than good idea to upgrade the cable-channel supply. I don't, but since I'm a mandatory member - or as they use as an excuse, every estaste is a member of the society - I just have to tag along with that.

Perhaps I shouldn't whine too much, I really don't have neither the time nor the energy to attend those annual meetings, where these kind of things get poked... Even if in this case my nay-vote wouldn't have done much good, I suspect, since far too many don't seem to have anything better to do than sit in front of the TV all the time.

I watch TV too, movies, documentaries, news and sometimes a lot of series. But I tape most of them and watch them at my convenience. Quite often with a finger on the remote control's forward-button... And no I'd never ever think it would be a good idea to add loads of channels - with crappy supply anyway - to the pretty basic ones I have.

Anyway, even if you yourself aren't interested in this cable-channel upgrading, you still have to let the Cable Guy inside to change the TV-socket. Because apparently the estate has agreed too that - hm, I wonder just exactly when that darn estate said yes to that...? We just have to have a talk about do's and don'ts, the house and me.

Tomorrow they'll do that socket-changing-work - and just like it's with handymen in general, their time are so much more important than mine, yours and everyone else, so of course one has to stay put, happily await their grand arrival, from 9 am-16 pm. Whenever they see it fit to show up, one has to have a happy face on. Sort of.

And of course this isn't going to be an easy thing, the sockets are planted behind large bookshelves that have to be moved. I really have to do some cleaning up in general *no I'm not the one who happily greets surprise guests* - and then tomorrow I have to keep the furry horde in a tight leash. Those nosey little buggers.

I could hustle them all out into the garden, but then I have this image of a really whining, meowing, barking bunch of creatures gathering on the terrace, on the table looking inside with their heads wobble up and down like owls in frustration over the fact they can't be there greeting the handyman and helping him in every useful way possible.

I'm not sure I like that image. If you gather them all on one table and a few chairs there seem to be so many of them, like they sort of proliferate themselves when nobody's looking. And I'm sure the handyman will utter those classic mandatory words anyway - when one has more than two cats - "Oh my do you have many cats here"

Yes a clean house is a sign of a wasted life. But I guess someone has to get down and do that dirty deed now anyway. That someone being me. While that multiple cat-horde plus a dog wobble their heads in awe and deplore the fact they really can't help with the vacuuming or the floor washing or the moving of bookshelves, right now. Middle-of-the-day-nap, too small paws, can't get a grip and all that, you know.

But you're really good at it, don't forget the corner there and that hidden furball under that sofa slipover. Sorry, couldn't help myself, it just had to come up there and then. But I did do a good job by covering it up neatly, don't you agree?

Huffs and puffs - here I go.

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Unknown said...

I'm so not a fan of cable... My roommate is obsessed with it, and so we have two TV's with about a thousand channels each... and I spend perhaps an hour a week - and most of that time is flipping through different stations trying to find something worthwhile.

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