Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

070609 039
We got off to a late start today, but somehow I've shown un-thought of Duracell-rabbit tendencies *only a slight exaggeration there* despite the scorching heat. This is how my day sort of began at noon:

I've been living in this area since 1991. I think it was on the 15th of June I first moved into my new flat, which makes next Friday the 16th year-jubilee *wow*. During these 15 years I haven't once visited the nearby castle garden of Lennartsnäs. It's practically a neighbour, sort of, and I don't know what kept me. But today was the day, we felt a bit sun-drowsy and thought it would be a perfect little trip for a late breakfast...
070609 041
It was really cute! In a very unpretentious way, like being in ones very own summer cottage garden. Completely relaxing. They also have a tiny little shop where they sell organic farm-products and products from Lisen's organics *great stuff* and crafts from local artists and others.

The kitchen is very small so unfortunately they don't have the capacity for sandwiches in the café - so the breakfast was a bit unconventional. Which is rather nice and fine by me. I tried their new crescent made with dinkelflour and stuffed with sundried tomatoes - there have been quite a lot of those in my food as lately, despited the fact I really don't like them in general... - pesto and a Swedish cheese by the name Västerbotten (from the Swedish province with the same name, a sharp flavourish kind of cheese) *yum, yum*
070609 031
Accompanied by an English organic Soma smoothie mango + passionfruit *equally yum yum*. M opted for an icecream and the sticky chocolate cake *now we're talking a really funky breakfast that only grown ups can have*

After having devoured the food, I bought some herbs in the tiny the garden centre - which was just as unpretentious as the rest of the surroundings as you can see in the pics
070609 037

070609 038
And I proudly announce I did manage to plant them some hours later - every year I'm usually full of good intentions and despite previous years' results I always over-estimate my green fingers and interest in pottering around the garden. I come from a green-fingered family who loves gardening. Myself, I'm sort of the blacksheep in the gardening-family. But I keep trying. Sometimes with good result. Mostly with no result or very sad result. Countless are the flowers and plants that have met their premature death in my care...
070609 010
The herbs I bought where sage, rosemary and thyme plus basil - the parsley has already planted itself in my flowerbeds. So everytime I look in that corner of the garden from now on, I'll definately hum "Scarborough Fair" - fingers crossed I won't "forget" to water them regulary. I do want my own herb-garden to grow up all happy and plentiful and fair this time around!

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